About us

SAN GIORGIO Automazione S.r.l. was established in 1993 as a joined interest of plan designer company and a group of engineers experienced in the field of Process Automation. SAN GIORGIO Automazione works in the process and specialmachine automation field.
SAN GIORGIO Automazione designs and implements automation systems by means of Programmable Logic Controllers and/or Distribuited Control Systems methodologies. The offered service covers all the customer's needs, ranging from sensor and actuator identification to process supervision and systems implementation.

The product SAN GIORGIO Automazione offers is an integrated service which starts with an architectural design and ends with the operations and maintainance staff training.

SAN GIORGIO Automazione can support the customer step by step toward a functional specification definition and the plant start-up operation.

The methodology SAN GIORGIO Automazione implements, as well as the design AD implementation experience its people have built, alloe SAN GIORGIO Automazione too meet all the customer's needs. For example:

feasibility studies

executive designs

hardware supplying

software development

system integration

test engineering


technical assistance

SAN GIORGIO Automazione develops two integrated levels of automation. The first level is basic automation that is dedicated to actuation systems. This level requires the largest plant making knowledge which is necessary for solving interfacing problems with the field. This problem is faced by means of systems based on distribuited logic concepts so as to ease their own maintainance and their integration with other components.

The second layer is relative to Plant Supervision. In order to make easy, flexible and safe this operation suitable user interface functions are considered, The data presentation points out immediately the elements to intervene on. The best performance are reached by integrating in Local Area Network the control equipment present throughout the plant.

The used hardware depends on the plant's need as well as the customer's preference; it is based upon standard machines which guarantee the best performance and the highest reliability within an industrial context.

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